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Pay a Ticket Online

Take advantage of our secure and convenient online parking ticket payment system. 

For administrative purposes, the deadline time for early payment is 1800 daily.

To make your experience as hassle-free as possible, please have the following ready before you pay online:

  • Credit card information
  • Ticket Number
  • License Plate Number

Weekend/Holiday Payment Online or by Phone

Ticket payment online or by phone (by calling 311) is available on weekends/holidays.

Responsibility for early payment option within 15 days of issuance date rests with the customer.

Voluntary Payment of Fines

Under the Voluntary Payment of Fines By-Law No. 789/74, motorists who receive a parking ticket can pay a reduced fine if they pay within 15 days of the date of the offence notice.

Keep in mind that voluntary early payment of the fine means that you can no longer contest the ticket and no further action is taken by the Winnipeg Parking Authority.

For more information on the bylaw, and to see specific early fines for common violations, go to our Common Violation Look Up section.

Did you Know?

  • Our multi-space parking meters (pay stations) are all solar powered!
  • We Are Accountable to the Citizens of Winnipeg - The Winnipeg Parking Authority submits an annual report and budget update through the Alternate Service Delivery Committee to City Council in December. We appear before committee once a year or on request.
  • Citizens of Winnipeg Are Our Stakeholders - The Winnipeg Parking Authority runs in accordance with objectives determined by City Council, and with the advice of major stakeholders, such as the BIZ organizations, CentreVenture and Destination Winnipeg.
  • The WPA pays municipal taxes, development fees, as well as levies on our activities and on city properties. We also pay a dividend to the City for use of On and Off Street parking assets ($3 million in 2009).
  • Residential Parking Programs help communities manage non-resident vehicles in their neighbourhood by restricting the amount of time non-residents can park. Through the permit system, residents can be exempted from timed restrictions.
  • The Winnipeg Parking Authority is happy to provide parking support for film shoots, special public events, special private events, and other alternative uses of parking space.
  • With the arrival of summer, there is an increase in the number of scooters and motorcycles being used to get around.
  • As parking can be considered just one aspect of traffic demand management, the Winnipeg Parking Authority is working to improve the services we provide to cyclists within Winnipeg.
  • The City of Winnipeg is dedicated to accommodating the needs of community members with disabilities.
  • As a business, the WPA self generates its own revenues and pays all of its own expenses as well as contributing several millions of dollars toward improvement of City facilities, and a cash contribution in lieu of taxes.